ISTEL Seminary

Making Disciples In The Capital City Of Lubango

ISTEL (Instituto Superior de Teologia Evangélica) celebrates its 40thanniversary in 2021. An interdenominational theological college owned by the Evangelical Alliance of Angola offers a Bachelor’s degree in Theology as well as a 2-year Master of Arts in Theology with choice of focus in missiology, leadership, or Christian education.

Current enrollment is 160+ students including residential program, modular format, and master’s degree program.  All but two faculty members are Angolan.  Most faculty members, many also serving as local pastors, are graduates of ISTEL’s undergrad program returning after earning advanced degrees outside of the country.

PRAY and Give to support this ministry.  Only 50$US/month maintains library Internet. 40$US pays tuition for one student for one month.

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The Chimbanda Scholarship Fund 

In the 1940s, Joseph and Ana Chimbanda were born to our respective poor, but hardworking and loving Christian parents in Angola, Africa.  Despite major health risks and challenges, we both survived, grew, studied, fell in love, married, and worked hard to build our lives together.  Soon after we had achieved comfortable living conditions, Joseph left for college in the United States.  Very soon, Ana and our five children faced terrible danger due to the collapse of the government and resulting civil war.  Our safe and peaceful lives along with our material possessions were quickly gone.  Ana, alone, had to protect and nurture our children under very risky circumstances for almost four years of fear, frustration, worry, and many prayers.  Hard work and help from God and friends eventually permitted us to reunite in the United States.  We have been blessed innumerably to the extent that we have been led by God to help others in Angola. 

We, along with our five children (Anibal, Azevedo, Cicero, Arlindo and Clarisse) have founded the Chimbanda Scholarship Fund (CSF) to honor God and the people who helped us thrive; including our parents, missionaries, teachers, pastors, and friends.  CSF will assist Angolan students who would otherwise be unable to pursue post-secondary education due to family poverty.  Your donations will impact lives and souls of underserved and overlooked children by giving them the tools, the means, and hope to break the cycle of poverty while moving them into classrooms.   Eventually each sponsored student will become independent, empowered, and able to help their families and communities.

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CSF is a ministry project of Advancing the Gospel in Angola (AGA).  All donations to AGA earmarked to the Chimbanda Scholarship Fund (CSF) are tax deductible in the US.