ISTEL Seminary

Making Disciples In The Capital City Of Lubango

ISTEL (Instituto Superior de Teologia Evangélica) celebrates its 40thanniversary in 2021. An interdenominational theological college owned by the Evangelical Alliance of Angola offers a Bachelor’s degree in Theology as well as a 2-year Master of Arts in Theology with choice of focus in missiology, leadership, or Christian education.

Current enrollment is 160+ students including residential program, modular format, and master’s degree program.  All but two faculty members are Angolan.  Most faculty members, many also serving as local pastors, are graduates of ISTEL’s undergrad program returning after earning advanced degrees outside of the country.

PRAY and Give to support this ministry.  Only 50$US/month maintains library Internet. 40$US pays tuition for one student for one month.

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